This is what it means if you discover a roll of toilet paper in your refrigerator.

Among all the benefits that the internet offers, my personal favorites are life-hacks—tricks, hints, and wisdoms that may otherwise be lost to time.

We now have an endless resource at our disposal, unlike the days when we had to depend on our parents and grandparents to impart knowledge about obscure methods that may be helpful around the house. Helpful information is provided online on a daily basis, and you may find a wealth of it if you know where to search.

Luckily, we know where to search, so you probably do too (by association). Recently, we discovered a home hack that we had never seen before. If we have piqued your attention, continue on as it includes toilet paper and your refrigerator—an unusual combination, we know.

If you’re anything like me, it will take you far too long to remember to clean your refrigerator thoroughly. After leaving my house for a few days, I always open my fridge door to find unpleasant odors coming from it or sticky areas where something spilled and I didn’t clean up after it.

This is the reason I chuckled to myself when I came across a certain life tip that has been making the rounds on the internet lately.

Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who occasionally smells musty when they open the refrigerator. When this occurs, the fridge—rather than the food that just so happens to be inside—is usually to blame.

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