His parents agreed to deliver him a gift when he phoned. The young guy went to the train station, picked up a very heavy luggage, and ran to his dorm room, excited to see what delicacies his mother had prepared for him. When he opened it, though, he was taken aback! He found out that:

Whether they arrive by rail, van, or coach, the food and goodies that parents send are quite enjoyable.

But parents may be prankish sometimes, as the student in the preceding tale learned the hard way.

His parents called and said they would deliver him a gift. After reaching the train station, the young guy quickly picked up a large box and made his way back to his dorm room. But when he opened it, he was shocked. There were simply wrappers and rubbish inside, not any food. The child found a message that explained everything, although at first he had no idea what was going on.

You left your room untidy after using it. “Please take away the trash,” was scrawled there.

The young man enjoyed the practical prank and learnt his lesson, sharing the entire episode on his Facebook page.

The post went viral right away after garnering hundreds of likes and comments.

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