You should be aware of the significance of these enigmatic black dots if you see them in your kitchen.

Social media platforms, like Facebook and Reddit, are a wonderful place for individuals to go for advice on a variety of topics in addition to being places to talk, connect with friends, and post photographs.

A mother recently asked other members on a Mrs. Hinch fan page whether they knew what those strange black dots that were running down her skirting board and wall may be.

“Is there anyone who knows what this is?” inquired the mother. “Appeared somewhere in the past week or so on the dining room skirting board, as well as in little amounts on the daily swept floor and wallpaper! Her message went on, “It’s not uneven; it appears like a paint splatter, but it’s not.”

Some people thought the images were of fly excrement, while others thought they were of spider excrement.

“Dettox spray is good for it; it happens a lot this time of year, spiders pooping everywhere,” someone wrote. “After consuming flies, it’s spider excrement.” Another said, “I get it on my window sill.”

Although they frequently enter dwellings, spiders are not regarded as invasive pests. The best part is that some spiders are even thought to be helpful since they function as a natural pesticide.

Of course, spiders defecate, just like any other living thing, but are you aware of the appearance of their feces?

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