1: The Most Beautiful Women
-It takes holyspirit only to make a beautiful woman to be in a marriage.
-They are on high demand
-Many beautiful ladies are still single, and you keep wondering what is keeping them
-They use their beauty as a capital for money making

2:. The Most Educated Women
-A woman having a degree, masters, PhD to have to stay in a marriage, its the grace of God.
-Their qualifications makes them independent.
-Visit offices in the companies, most high ranked women and rich are single, divorced.

-Women raised under rich families find it difficult to get married because they want same environment they grew up with it a marriage.
-They want no on to advise them
4: The Most Anointed Women Of God
– Most women with the calling of God have no husbands ,either divorced

-No time to do house works
-No time to care for their husbands
-Their husbands can’t advise them because they only listen from the holyspirit.
You will find a man with a phd goes to the village and marries a grade 5 woman,what is he looking for ??? Because that is the one that would understand and respect him better.
Speaking in tongues will never make you a wife, only a submissive woman will stay in a marriage and not the beauty and the like.

I know you will oppose this message, but read it again and again before you oppose it
5. Drunkards or clubbing women.. most men don’t want to settledown with these kind of women but if they are to go for a one night stand, they will.. thats how some of these girls have kids that they dont even know who the father is.. just for hit and run.

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