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A man was stunned to know that his girlfriend of ten years was a millionaire. He worked two jobs to make ends meet, not knowing how wealthy his girlfriend was.

The man with the username throwaway_for_adv turned to Reddit seeking relationship advice. In his post, he mentioned how he discovered the truth about his girlfriend’s wealth after she left their house.

He shared that she often went away to see an alleged relative and didn’t return home for several days. After his girlfriend left that day, he stumbled upon her laptop while cleaning the house.

He discovered the shocking truth when he raised the lid and saw the screen. Some of the things the Redditor shared about his story showed how many red flags he’d ignored in his relationship.

How Did the Reddit User Discover His Girlfriend’s Riches?

Before jumping into the main story, the man shared how he met his girlfriend. She had moved into his town when he was in high school, and they became friends “by chance.” He explained:

“We basically hit it off and became great friends and started dating a year later.”

The man confessed he never noticed anything about his girlfriend that would suggest she was a wealthy woman. He never saw her wear expensive clothes or jewelry. OP’s (original poster’s) girlfriend never spent a lot of money.

He confessed that he wasn’t curious, but looking at the half-open laptop tempted him to lift the screen.

When they were in high school, she lived with her “aunt” in a one-story building, which never made him think she was rich. They had been dating each other for the past ten years, and OP confessed they lived a “normal life.”

However, his girlfriend lost her job recently, so he had to work two jobs to make ends meet. OP shared that his girlfriend often traveled to another state to meet her “aunt” and didn’t return for two to three days. She left the house in a hurry this time and forgot her laptop. The Reddit user recalled:

“After she left, I was [putting] things away and fixing stuff up when I found her laptop on her desk slightly open.”

He confessed that he wasn’t usually curious, but looking at the half-open laptop tempted him to lift the screen. That’s when throwaway_for_adv saw an email from a lawyer talking about a family business.

The email said that his girlfriend had a share in the company, and OP knew nothing about it. Curious, he dug through the emails, looking for something that would answer the questions in his mind. He stumbled upon emails from her father talking about their clothing business. He explained:

“Her dad owns a couple of dozens of clothing stores in New York.”

OP also discovered that his girlfriend’s father had regularly sent her money for the past six years. She had a separate account that he didn’t know existed. He was shocked after reading the emails and didn’t know how to react.

The Reddit user felt sad because he had been working tirelessly to make ends meet while his girlfriend had been “sitting on millions for years.” The social media platform’s users found some things about OP’s story strange.

How Did Reddit Users React to the Original Poster’s Story?

A Redditor named Gangrelessfound it strange that OP had been dating his girlfriend for ten years and didn’t know anything about her family. Others also agreed that they felt this part of the story was odd.

In response, OP explained that he frequently asked his girlfriend about her family, but she never wanted to talk about them. She only told him that her mother died and never discussed anything else.

Some Redditors also questioned why OP mentioned his girlfriend’s aunt in quotation marks. OP explained that he never met her aunt and discovered that she had no “real aunt.” He explained:

“When I went through her emails, there was mention of a family friend she was supposedly living with.”

Other Redditors asked throwaway_for_adv if the emails hinted towards something that might explain why his girlfriend hid the truth from him, but he said the emails didn’t. The emails only revealed that his girlfriend’s father made her stay with a family friend after her mother’s death, and he’s been trying to rekindle their relationship since.

The platform’s users also wanted to know why OP’s girlfriend didn’t get another job after losing hers. He explained that he had talked to her about it. The boyfriend worked as a laborer and didn’t want her to do the same, so he didn’t push her.

He also shared that she had been looking for jobs that weren’t labor-intensive. Most Redditors wanted to know more about OP’s relationship with his girlfriend before presenting their advice. Other users advised him to confront his girlfriend regarding the money.

Questions to Ponder:

Why do you think OP’s girlfriend hid her money from him?

OP thinks his girlfriend hid her money from him on purpose, but he has no idea why. Some Redditors believed she never talked about it because of her family problems and because she had no intentions of using the money. What are your own theories regarding her intentions of keeping it a secret?

Do you think OP should have pushed his girlfriend to talk about her family?

Whenever OP asked his girlfriend about her family, she either changed the topic or didn’t respond. Many Redditors found it strange that OP had no idea about his girlfriend’s family. Do you think he should ask her more about her family so she would eventually open up about the money?

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