Police are called on boy selling ‘Ice Cold Beer’ but his clever sign has them laughing.. Check the comments.

Some people are simply born with a sense for business. That, along with determination and willingness to take risk and put their skills to test in order to utilize them better is the winning combination.

A Utah boy named Seth is just 11 years old but he has already started a business and his marketing strategy has left many in awe recently.

As it turned out, instead of setting up a lemonade stand, he decided to sell something different so he got near the pavement holding a sign which read: ‘Ice Cold Beer.’

However, while some found this cute and praised him for starting a business, some of the neighbors got concerned that a minor was selling beer so they alerted the police.

In no time, a few officers visited Seth’s stand, and instead of telling him off, they had a good laugh.

It turned out that this young business genius was selling root beer, but the word root was written in small green letters, unlike those of the word ‘beer.’


Some people said that whoever called the police on this young man should be ashamed of themselves, but the department didn’t agree. Instead, they replied, “Our citizens should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to call us. They were just calling in what they felt was a suspicious circumstance. No harm, no foul.”

The officers even bought some root beer for a $1 and advertised Seth’s business by sharing his cute story.

You can do the same by sharing it too.

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