This Is Dad’s 14th Son, But It’s The Newborn’s Name That Is Making Headlines Around The World

Over the years, baby names have undergone significant transformations, with classics like Michael and Molly coexisting with newer, more unconventional choices. Celebrities, in particular, are known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to naming their children. Gwyneth Paltrow famously named her baby “Apple,” and Beyonce and Jay Z opted for the bold choice of “Blue Ivy.”

While eccentric celebrity baby names are nothing new, Jay and Kateri Schwandt may have set a new standard for the quirkiest baby name. The Schwandts are seasoned parents with fourteen children, all boys, spanning a 25-year age range. Hoping for a bit of variety in their predominantly male household, they were disappointed to welcome another baby boy, Finley, weighing in at 8lb and 4 ounces, as their 14th child.

Recognizing that Finley would be their last addition to the family, Jay and Kateri decided to give him a distinctive middle name. Drawing inspiration from a story Kateri’s father used to tell about a Native American chief with many boys, they chose the name “Sheyboygan,” meaning “She’s a boy again.”

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