She Was Named The World’s Biggest Child When She Was 8 Years Old, But Wait Till You See Her Today

Many Americans struggle to maintain healthy eating habits, contributing to high obesity rates. In 2014, the CDC reported that 36.5% of adults and 17% of children aged 2 to 19 were obese.

Jessica Leonard, once dubbed the world’s biggest child at 420 pounds by age eight, faced severe health issues due to her excessive eating habits. Hindered by her weight, Jessica couldn’t attend school and had difficulty moving around her home.

Despite Jessica’s struggles, her mother, Carolyn Leonard, ensured their kitchen was stocked with the foods Jessica craved, leading to frequent snacking. However, Jessica’s health deteriorated, prompting intervention from child protection services and her hospitalization at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

Subsequently, Jessica was transferred to a Virginia clinic specializing in treating overweight individuals. There, she adhered to a rigorous diet and exercise regimen, shedding an impressive 320 pounds without the need for surgery.

Upon returning home, Jessica resumed school and engaged in regular physical therapy sessions, while Carolyn monitored her diet closely. Despite the challenges, Jessica now enjoys a healthier childhood, free from the burdens of excess weight.

To address the residual effects of her weight loss, Jessica plans to undergo surgery to remove 20 pounds of excess skin. Her inspiring journey serves as a testament to the power of determination and resilience in overcoming obstacles.

Watch the video below for more insights into Jessica’s remarkable transformation, and consider sharing her story to inspire others.



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