100-Year-Old Tips And Tricks That Are Still Totally Effective Today

Do you swear by tips that your grandmother or mother has passed down to you? If so, you’re going to love this. The New York Public Library has made digital copies of “how-to” cards found in cigarette boxes over 100 years ago. These cards were made by Gallaher Cigarettes, a UK-based company that was once one of the largest cigarette companies in the world. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best how-to cards that are still totally useful and applicable today.

Thanks to Bored Panda for discovering these awesome pieces of history!

1. How To Cut Bread Into Thin Slices

According to Gallaher, cutting bread into thin slices without a serrated knife can be made easy by plunging the knife into hot water and wiping it dry before slicing. Who knew?

2. How To Separate Glass Tumblers

If two glass cups get stuck together, avoid breaking them by putting cold water in the top one and submerging the bottom one in warm water. They will then separate with ease.

3. How To Extract A Splinter

To remove a splinter, fill a glass bottle almost to the top with hot water. Press the area where you have the splinter to the mouth of the bottle. The suction will pull on the skin, and the steam will help to draw the splinter out.

4. How To Revive Cut Flowers

To revive withering cut flowers, plunge the stems into hot water and leave them there until the water has cooled. Then, trim the ends of the stems and place them into cool water as you normally would.

5. How To Boil Potatoes

To make potatoes “dry and floury” when cooked, add a pinch of salt and sugar to the water when boiling. When the potatoes are done, the water should be poured away and the pot should be replaced over the heat for a short time, ensuring you are shaking the pot occasionally to ensure equal dryness of the potatoes.

6. How To Judge The Weather

In the early morning, begin to observe a very distant cloud. If the cloud grows gradually larger, then unsettled, rainy weather is imminent. If the cloud gradually decreases in size, the day will likely be lovely.

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