Even when her husband is unconscious, she never leaves his side. She gasps in amazement as she hears him pronounce these five words.

The wife had faithfully attended to her husband for several months, never missing a day by his bedside. She watched over him, hoping and praying for a miracle, as he slipped in and out of consciousness.

Finally, her persistence was rewarded when her husband’s eyes opened, and he weakly motioned for her to come closer. His voice was weak and filled with emotion as he whispered, “You have been my rock through all my trials and tribulations.”

He recounted the terrifying and painful experience of being shot. He spoke of when he had lost his job, and his business failed.

Despite the challenges, his wife had never left his side, always offering her unwavering support and love throughout their tumultuous journey.

“Despite the devastating loss of our house, you chose to stand by my side and weather the storm together. Your persistent presence was a beacon of hope in my darkest times.”

”I will never forget how you tirelessly supported me, even as my health began to decline. Our bond only grew stronger as we faced these complex challenges hand in hand.”

“Reflecting on those trying times, I can’t help but be amazed by your strength and resilience. You never wavered in your commitment to our relationship, and your steadfast love and understanding were the light that kept me going.”

”You have been with me all through the bad times. You know what?” he asked.

The woman smiled tenderly, her heart swelling with affection. “What is it, love?” she asked softly.

He hesitated for a moment before speaking his mind. “I think you are bad luck.”

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