My Mother-in-Law Wants to Come to Our Honeymoon, and My Husband Agrees

Seeking guidance and perhaps a bit of empathy from the online community, a woman shared her unique honeymoon experience that didn’t quite match up to the dream she had envisioned. Here’s what she had to say:

“I’m Jane, a 28-year-old soon-to-be bride from Portland, Oregon, and I’ve been daydreaming about my honeymoon with my soon-to-be-husband, Mark. We’ve been dating for three wonderful years, and we were ready to start our journey as a married couple. But it turns out my MIL has other plans,” Jane shared with us. My boyfriend and I decided to spend all our savings on our honeymoon.

As the wedding day approached, I was knee-deep in wedding plans and Pinterest boards, envisioning the romance of the Eiffel Tower and the cobblestone streets of Paris. Mark and I were flipping through a honeymoon brochure when he dropped a bombshell that made my excitement waver.

It was a regular evening on the couch when Mark hesitated and said, “You know, my mom wants to come with us.” I nearly choked on the excitement that had filled the room just moments before. “Your mom? To our honeymoon? Seriously?” I asked, hoping he was kidding, but he wasn’t.

Mark explained that his mom, Carol, had been feeling lonely since his dad’s passing, and she thought our honeymoon could be a chance for some family bonding. I tried to understand, but the idea of sharing such an intimate trip with my mother-in-law left me feeling uneasy.

After a lengthy discussion, Mark persuaded me that having Carol along wouldn’t be so bad and might even be a positive experience. Reluctantly, I agreed, hoping that our romantic moments wouldn’t be overshadowed by the presence of a third wheel. But I was right at first, she shouldn’t have come with us.

Our honeymoon in Paris arrived, and from the get-go, I realized that my concerns were well-founded. Carol, in her early 60s, was enthusiastic but tended to hover, turning our intimate dinners into family gatherings and our private moments into shared experiences.

As we strolled along the Seine and visited iconic landmarks, I found myself yearning for the romantic solitude I had envisioned. The constant presence of my mother-in-law created a tension that I couldn’t shake off. While I appreciated her company, I couldn’t help but feel that our honeymoon had been hijacked.

Now, back in Portland, I’m left grappling with mixed emotions. I appreciate Mark’s desire to support his mom, but I can’t ignore the fact that our honeymoon wasn’t what I had hoped for. As I reflect on our experiences, a lingering question haunts me: How can I communicate my feelings to Mark and navigate the delicate balance between family obligations and our newlywed intimacy?

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