Man confronts couple at restaurant after they commit major blunder

Ask any parent and you’ll hear how difficult it is to change a child’s diaper in public. It’s often a necessity, yet public restrooms aren’t always equipped with the proper equipment, especially men’s restrooms.

So parents often have to take matters into their own hands and get creative when it comes to changing their child.

However, there’s a fine line between creativity and human decency.Keep reading to find out why one Redditor took it upon himself to confront a couple who had just changed their baby at a restaurant.

The 24-year-old male took to the popular “Am I an a******” subreddit questioning a couple’s actions . And honestly, we are too.

He explained that while out to eat at a restaurant “above an applebees, but not a fancy restaurant,” with his girlfriend he witnessed a couple change their baby’s diaper at the table.While we were sitting there the couple changed their baby at the table and left the diaper sitting at the end of their table closet to us,” he wrote.

And as if that wasn’t gross enough, the couple left the diaper at the end of the table “for probably about 15 mins.”“I personally found this a bit disgusting and it may have been in my head, but I felt like I could smell the diaper. That is why when our food came I asked them if they could please throw it away.”

The two tables engaged in a conversation which ended up nowhere.

“The guy at the other table said why. I responded with I find it gross to be eating in close proximity to human waste when there is a changing station and trash can in the bathroom (I checked, there are both). He told me to mind my own f***ing business.”

The Redditor added that while his girlfriend didn’t think he was a bad person for bringing it up, he should have just left it alone.

Watch more below…

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