Take a Seat, This Viral Cow Math Puzzle Will Take Your Brain for a Ride

fresh cow math puzzle is currently causing quite the stir on Twitter, leaving many scratching their heads—including myself. We’ve seen our fair share of monkey-themed brain teasers and riddles involving women in boats, but this latest one revolves around the purchase of a cow, giving off some cottage core vibes. Twitter is abuzz with debates over the correct answer, yet no consensus seems to have been reached.

Brace yourself for this viral cow math puzzle that’s sure to scramble your brain!

cow math puzzle
Image Credit: @jasminericegirl X

The solution to the puzzle lies in understanding the profit made at each transaction

cow math puzzle
Image Credit: @jasminericegirl X
  1. Bought the cow for $800 and sold it for $1000, making a profit of $200.
  2. Bought the cow again for $1100. Since you already made a profit of $200 from the first transaction, your effective cost for the second purchase is $1100 – $200 = $900.
  3. Sold the cow for $1300, making a profit of $400 ($1300 – $900).

Spoiler alert: Stop scrolling now if you don’t want the answer revealed

The correct answer is $400. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Purchase cow for $800.
  • Sell cow for $1000.
  • Net profit: +$200.
  • Re-purchase cow for $1100.
  • Net profit becomes -$900.
  • Sell cow again for $1300.
  • Total profit = $400.

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