Thank you, my boyfriend for kicking me out on the streets.

Even though breakups are painful, we can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. A woman told a story that could encourage others experiencing similar circumstances. Her heartbreak made her realize that she was deserving of much more.

He was my source of nourishment.

After two years of dating, we moved in together in a different city a few months ago. He paid the rent while I lived in his apartment, and I was free to do as I pleased. He said there was no need for me to work, even though I wanted to.

Since his salary took care of all our expenses and I was content to enjoy life, I was okay with that. I was grateful that I didn’t have to do anything to deserve such a man in my life.

I got kicked out by him.

His actions began to shift. He appeared aloof and detached. I discovered that he was unfaithful to me.

He packed my bag and threw it out on the street after I made a scene. He told me that I was unappreciative and that I would never be successful in life. I was stuck somewhere, so I went into a café and nearly broke down.

A man approached me.

I was sitting at my table when a man asked me why I was depressed. “I want to be left alone,” I retorted.

“Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can come together,” he said, glancing at me. He wished me luck and bought me a milkshake. I sobbed until I felt better in the bathroom because I was so moved.

I composed myself.

I rented a small room and got a job. I started making my own decisions and stopped relying on other people. I began selling the cakes I baked.

Now that I work for myself, I manage a small staff of incredible professionals while operating my own tiny bakery. Even though I don’t make as much money as my ex did and can’t afford all the luxuries I used to enjoy, at least I have faith in my abilities and my future.

I am appreciative.

I never would’ve matured as a person if I’d chosen to forgive him and remain in his home. Although I’m sorry he didn’t stick by me, I’m glad he expelled me and forced me to never return.

And I still think of that man in the coffee shop. It was him who offered me hope and the will to live. Even though I’ll never see him again, I’ll never forget what he told me.

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