Dog, Abused and Sheltered for 450 Days, Captivates Rehab Staff and Finds Forever Home

When it came to Neo’s chances of fitting in at her rehabilitation facility, Ali Paepke was not very hopeful.

The poor dog had spent more than 450 days in a shelter and was a part of an ongoing animal abuse trial. According to Paepke, this kind of abuse usually results in animals that are difficult, if not impossible, to rehabilitate into a compassionate domestic life.

That being said, the manager of Best Friends Pet Resource Center’s Life-Saving Program declared herself “blown away” as soon as she laid eyes on the white dog with black spots.

“It was astounding to meet a dog who had been through everything who just trusted you and wanted your attention right away. Oh my gosh, we’re really making a difference with Neo,” Paepke remarked.

After coming to Best Friends’ facility in Central Arkansas, Neo—who had suffered from severe animal abuse—was able to see his dream forever home.

Neo took less than a day after being taken in by foster mother Linda Songbird to persuade her that he was suitable for a lifetime of friendship.

Songbird remarked, “It makes your life worthwhile.” And he’s fantastic. As soon as you walk in, he’s there. He is standing at the door. I’m glad to see you!

This tale serves as a helpful reminder that everyone is deserving of a fair trial and another opportunity.

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