Prince Harry can’t take it anymore. He declined Charles’s offer and hits back at his father.

Rumors from Great Britain are filled with contradictions, a faithful reflection of the situation within the British Royal Family.

King Charles III offered Prince Harry the opportunity to stay at a royal residence during his trip to the United Kingdom, according to friends of the king.

However, as reported by The Post, Harry didn’t wanna hear it, and he declined his father’s invitation and chose to stay in a hotel during his three-day visit.

Friends of King Charles told The Sunday Times that the monarch was willing to let his younger son stay in a royal residence in London. Harry was in town last week to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games.

Contradictory reports have emerged regarding King Charles and Prince Harry.

Friends of the king claimed that if Harry had stayed at a royal residence, it would have been “easier” for him to see Charles despite their strained relationship.

However, sources close to Harry alleged that King Charles decided not to see his son during the trip, which friends of the monarch say is untrue.

“It’s all very sad,” a friend of the king told The Sunday Times. “While it’s true that the King is understandably cautious about meeting with Harry, given the media circus that seems to follow these visits, he certainly agreed to see his son during his most vulnerable moment and on short notice

“While he was unlikely to roll out the red carpet for the Invictus trip, with doctors advising him to focus on his treatment and recovery, the idea that he refused to find time in his schedule… well, let’s just say that memories may vary once again,” the source noted.
Harry, hurt by not seeing his father, that is why he hit back
On the other hand, a friend of Harry insisted that the Duke of Sussex had requested to see his father well before his trip to the UK.

“I can’t imagine that request being ignored. Even if they hadn’t received a request, which I doubt, couldn’t His Majesty have asked to see his son? It was widely known that he was coming,” said the friend.

Harry’s friends who spent time with him in London claimed that he was “deeply hurt” by not seeing his father.

“It surprises me a lot. I fully expected them to meet. I know that’s what he wanted to happen, and I don’t know when he will return,” said a friend.

The rift between the estranged duo was clearly evident on Wednesday when the king hosted a garden party, his first since his cancer diagnosis, at Buckingham Palace for around 8,000 guests.

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