Tim Conway’s Hilarious Improv on “The Carol Burnett Show”

If you watch “The Carol Burnett Show,” you are aware that it consistently makes people laugh and smile. And with his deft improvisation in this particular clip, Tim Conway had his co-stars in stitches.

In a scene when they were playing the game “Password,” Mickey Hart, played by Conway, decided to tell a humorous story about an elephant that lived in a circus. Dick Van Dyke, Vicki Lawrence, and Carol Burnett were unable to contain their laughs.

Conway’s account took an unexpected turn when he talked about the elephant and its trainer having a romantic relationship. He even made a joke about how they were interred together after passing away. The other performers were unable to contain their emotions and were trembling and covering their faces as they attempted to gather themselves.

You can only image how contagious the laughter was, for both the cast and the studio audience. Moments like these serve as a reminder of the popularity of “The Carol Burnett Show.”

See the hilarious prowess of Tim Conway in action by watching the video below:




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