John Legend shares adorable daddy-daughter moment, but some are calling it ‘creepy’

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are not ones to shy away from sharing photos of their four young children online.

Despite some people who prefer to keep their children’s faces hidden, the Hollywood couple regularly share the cute, behind the scenes moments that would otherwise be left unseen by the public.

However, one photo that Legend shared before this year’s Oscars caused quite the stir for the family of six.

Prior to the Academy Awards, Legend shared a photo of himself and Esti, 13-months. While holding hands, the two walked towards the camera dressed in nothing but tops.

Legend wore half of a tuxedo while little Esti worse a lacy pink dress.

“Ready,” the singer-songwriter captioned the adorable photo.

His followers were quick to comment on the special father-daughter moment. Many remarked how Legend looked like he was ready to work from home, “Must be ready for a zoom meeting!”

But there were plenty of others who did not find the photo funny and instead chided the father of four for not wearing pants.

“John I know you meant well with this pic. What’s wrong with you showing the world you look like you have no underwear on as well! Looking at the bottom of your shirt. You are a father… Have some type of respect. Why post this… Some things you must think about before you post. This doesn’t look too good. I definitely love all the talent you have. This is just not cute!!!”

“It’s giving super cringe…”

“This is a little weird too much going on these days. Ppl gotta be careful about what they post.”

“This is so distasteful and disgusting.”

“Why do people encourage this? It’s not funny it’s weird.”

Legend later returned to Instagram to assure his followers that he did in fact wear pants to the Oscars.
What do you think of this picture with his daughter? Is it a sweet, innocent moment or is it inappropriate?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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