Elvis is back. He sings and looks like him, the judges were left stunned. This teenager has the best audition

Dakota Striplin stands out on “The Voice” because he proudly claims to be the grandson of the late, great Elvis Presley.

On The Voice, he performs a new rendition of “Love Me Tender” that, with every note, reminds the judges and audience of his alleged origins.

Everyone in the room is captivated by Dakota’s hypnotic guitar playing and singing the second he begins. The judge, visibly shaken, swiftly spins around in her chair and puts her palm on her breast. Another individual, captivated by his performance, exclaims:

In response to her statement, “I must see what is happening here,” she swiftly flips her chair to show her agreement. His incredible vocal and instrumental abilities leave the judges in awe as the song comes to a close.

His music selection and its inspiration pique the interest of the judges, who inquire further. Dakota reveals that Elvis Presley has long served as an influence to him. As he reminisces about his family’s history, he mentions his grandmother’s fondness for attending Elvis concerts. This prompts the judges to playfully speculate that he may be related to the King, which makes them giggle because of their shared interests.

Dakota unveils the enigmatic past of his ancestry as he delves deeper into his biography. Although his father remains silent, Dakota’s grandmother—who is deeply connected to Elvis’s legacy—is pivotal to the plot. The fact that Dakota was there during Elvis’s Hawaii concerts and is so distraught about his death adds intrigue to her claim.

Although DNA evidence casts doubt on Dakota’s claim to being his real father, you should still look into him and draw your own judgments.

View the complete video:

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