After cutting ties with me, my daughter now wants me to babysit her.

It’s very helpful to have family members watch our kids while we work, and it’s even better when they do it for free. We’ve had problems with our parents in the past, though. Is it fair to expect them to help us now? After running away from her mom, this daughter begged her to take care of her kids.

“Amy, my daughter, hasn’t cared about me since she turned 18. She didn’t invite me to important events in her life, like her graduation, engagement, and so on. That’s why we don’t talk much.

She just got in touch with me. She now has two boys. I was shocked, and we talked about it. Amy began to moan about how hard it was to raise her children alone after a while. She asked me to watch them on Saturdays and be a good grandparent. I told her I couldn’t take care of her kids anymore because she had hurt our relationship a long time ago. She told me I was selfish and stopped me from going anywhere. After everything we had, was it wrong of me to refuse to help my daughter with the kids? I would value your opinion and any helpful advice you could give me.”

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