My In-Laws Always Exclude Me From Dinners, So I Taught Them a Lesson

During a family trip with her in-laws, a young woman faces unexpected challenges. She has to deal with her in-laws’ views on class and manners, leading to a difficult choice with serious consequences.
I (F26) went on a “family trip” with my in-laws 2 weeks ago. My mother-in-law always thought I was a bit “ignorant” and “backward.” She believes that because I come from a lower class family, I have no “etiquette.”

When we arrived at the hotel, my in-laws planned a dinner at a fancy restaurant. My husband didn’t tell me until the last minute, when he was already dressed. I asked about his plans, and he casually mentioned that he and the family were going out to eat, but I wasn’t invited.

His reason? His mother assumed I wouldn’t know the cuisine or proper dining etiquette, so she thought it was better for me to stay and eat at the hotel.

Without arguing, I let him leave and immediately packed my bags. I caught the first flight home.

When my husband found out, he was furious and called me nonstop. He said I was being irrational and ungrateful, and that I embarrassed him in front of his family, even though he had begged me to join the trip. When he got home, he gave me the silent treatment. His family also criticized me indirectly on Facebook for what I did.

The story was shared online. The woman asked netizens if she overreacted in this situation, but users deliberately agreed she was a ’good guy’ here.

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