Frederick the Great looks like a normal horse from behind, but just wait until he turns around

It’s rather easy to appreciate the effortless beauty of horses. Majestic, powerful and usually oh-so friendly, there’s a reason they’ve been used by humans throughout the centuries.

Naturally, it’s no easy feat to be dubbed the ‘World’s Most Handsome Horse’, but we think there might be a strong contender in Friesian Stallion Frederik the Great.

With his long locks and muscular build, Frederik has made quite the reputation for himself as a stand-out horse. His fan page on Facebook has some 90,000 likes, and for many he might just be the most good-looking horse on the planet …

Frederik lives on the Pinnacle Friesians Farm in the Ozarks mountains of the United States. His race has been almost eradicated three times, so breeder Stacy Nazario has focused on trying to get the breed to survive.

Frederik the Great

As per his owners: “Frederik is considered one of the most Photographic Friesians in the world, his beautiful Photographs taken by the amazing Photographer Cally Matherly has been admired by millions worldwide.”

He set me dreaming….. ~ ……signed Frederik the Great

Gepostet von Frederik the Great am Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2017

We’re inclined to agree when you consider Frederik’s beautiful mane of hair blowing in the wind.

Took a little R & R time off with my Human, but I’m back. A Big Hello to all signed, Frederik the Great

Gepostet von Frederik the Great am Mittwoch, 14. März 2018

Also known as the “Labrador in hooves”, by all accounts Frederik is a gentle giant who relishes the attention he’s given.

He often travels all over for booked events and appearances, though his home is located in the Ozarks.

A Prince is never surrounded by as much majesty on his throne as he is on a beautiful horse ~ William Cavendish ~ signed, Frederik the Great

Gepostet von Frederik the Great am Donnerstag, 24. August 2017

His owners claim the Friesian Stallion breed has almost gone extinct three times, making Frederik an exceptionally special horse anyway.

Do you agree he’s majestic and handsome?

A TRUE FAIRYTALE……signed, Frederik the Great

Gepostet von Frederik the Great am Montag, 24. Juli 2017

I was born with a enormous need for affection, and a great need to give it ~ Audrey Hepburn ~ “As I” signed, Frederik the Great

Gepostet von Frederik the Great am Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

Is he not impressive? Please share with all your horse loving friends! Frederik certainly deserves all of the attention he gets!

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